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QCM-C-PDP Portable partial discharge monitor for cables

Ensuring reliable continued operation of power cables and termination boxes of metal clad switchgear, rotating machines and transformers

QCM-C-PDP Portable partial discharge monitor for cables


The QCM-C-PDP portable system can be used to measure partial discharges in power cables and terminations boxes of metal clad switchgear, rotating machines and transformers. PD can be localized within 0.2% to 1% of the cable length. The QCM-C-PDP can be applied to measure PD on-line on cables and their termination boxes while the system is energized. There is no need to de-energize the cables if some requirements are met.

Expert Analysis




  • Highly accurate periodic PD survey of HV/MV power cables eliminates risk of unplanned outages
  • Precise PD localization (within 0.2% to 1% of cable length) minimizes maintenance expenditure
  • Accurate categorization of different activities captured by system
  • Robust and rugged design to maximize portable operation life and support inspections / testing for extended period of time
  • Advanced denoising and filtering help to remove background noise efficiently
  • Online and non-intrusive PD measurement


  • pC calibrator
  • Transponder (needed when cable lengths are greater than 5 km)
  • HFCTs (High Frequency Current Transformers) (set of 2)
  • Coaxial cables

Области применения

The QCM-C-PDP cable online PD measurement system can be successfully used for measuring partial discharge in cables with confidence. Used for low-cost, high performance periodic online and offline PD testing on HV insulating system of power cables and their terminations in transmission installations, power plants and large industrial consumers. The information gained may be used for condition based maintenance decisions.

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